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Administrative Professionals' Workshops


Administrative Professionals’ Workshops

Every year, PEAPSL’s Corporate Training Centre (CTC) takes pleasure in developing a unique Administrative Professionals Workshop (APW). For each APW, PEAPSL aims to

  • Take the hassle out of organizing an exciting package for your hard working Administrative Professionals and support staff
  • Honor your Administrative Professionals and support staff for their invaluable contribution to your organization
  • Provide a great balance of educational, recreational and stress-relieving activities for Administrative professionals and support staff.

  Over the years, PEAPSL has included the following segments and other components to make our APW a much-desired event.
  • Balancing life work, home, social and more
  • Image management
  • Personal development
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Introduction to public speaking
  • Introspection activities
  • Dancing- Latin, Line, salsa
  • DIY- Do it Yourself segments: soaps, hand cream, candle, foot soak and lip-balm making
  • Massages- Feet, shoulder, neck and head
  • Pedicure, Manicure
  • Live entertainment

  Visit this section of our website one month before Administrative Professionals Week (the last full week of April) to see the activities we have planned. Alternatively, look at programs that we did previously to create your own menu of activities. On Administrative Professionals Day we usually host participants from a mix of organizations. The other days during the week are reserved for organizations that wish to host a private workshop for their Administrative Professionals and support staff.   Whatever your choice; let PEAPSL take care of planning an exciting workshop which celebrates your Administrative Professionals and support staff.